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#1 Still cursing out Past Stephanie

We (royal we) are almost 70lbs down so more than halfway to our newest goal. It’s pretty rad even though I am sore all the time.

#1:Past Stephanie is mean to Current/Future Stephanie

Losing 86 pounds is hard. They say that it is better to break it into chunks and deal with it in segments so that you don’t stroke out thinking about it. In all honesty when I started working on it I needed to lose more like 116 lbs,so we are 30lbs in and we . . . →Read More:#1:Past Stephanie is mean to Current/Future Stephanie

#17:No More Barney Rubbles

On Saturday I took a step forward and got a pedicure. This is big because I usually don’t unless its a special occasion. I’m almost certain it was almost 2 years ago that I last went to CT Nails with one meanrachel to celebrate liberation and summers approach. So my toes are now a decadent . . . →Read More:#17:No More Barney Rubbles