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Upheaval of the System: Stephanie Moves North

Apologies for list after list of my tweets. I know that not the most stimulating thing that can be posted. About 6 months ago I was told that I was going to have to uproot myself. The home I have known for 4 years, the little south condo was to be sold and I had to skedaddle. Yes, I had been planning to move, but I had been planning to move for the last 3 years. But you see, I hate moving. When I lived in Boston, I moved almost every year, for a while every semester and it was rotten. Luckily my moving skills are well established, rusty, but there. Deep down.
Then the great decision. After being rejected by a couple places for being too awesome, I decided with great pause, to move north. I have lived in South Austin my entire Texas life and now here I was packing boxes and *gasp* moving to the “Central Austin”.
The move was arduous as all moves are and now I live in another second floor apartment this one overlooking the construction on 183.

So yea, I live north. North Austin is a considerably different animal than south Austin. First of all, I live nowhere near any kind of restaurant or bar. Coffee place is out of the question. Everything is West and South. Miserable! Miserable!

Ok. Breathe. Living North. The best part of my new apartment is that it is larger than my old apartment. I have created a living room nook. I have an office area. I have a dining area. All in all it is pretty comfortable. Also my kitchen has more counterspace, and the oven is totally rad. So there’s that.

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