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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

  • Dear Bones Season 3 on @netflix , Why can I only stream up to episode 15 via @RokuPlayer ? This saddens me. #
  • Internet service at the hair place? No such luck. Sigh… #
  • I wish i had cooler gadgets. #
  • weave too tight kind of day. #
  • Who broke first? He did. Email last night. Still can't decide if I'm writing back. #
  • RT@sesamestreet:Cookie: it me birthday today! Me going to celebrate with one cookie-shaped cake and one cake-shaped cookie. Cover all bases. #
  • Cookie monster tweets make me so happy. So very very happy. #
  • oh hai, violently angry stage of the breakup, didn't see you come in… #
  • New hairstyle, don't even recognize myself. #
  • Voted at kiker elementary. No waiting, no problems. Voted. Boom! #
  • I am so hungry right now. Pick up bolts. Then food. #
  • Its @hoopcircle time! #
  • Someone, probably you, should gift me an iphone 4 for being rad. #iworkhardforthemoney #
  • Dear #firefox it seems that you have another update. We just did this last week, no? Also, still no support for multiple fedex labels. #
  • Ugh. slugging through my desk this am. Must prep for trip. buuuh… #
  • jacket I ordered online is not cute. #returns #
  • Dear gmail. You should just always have an "oldest" tab for inboxes #cantfindadamnthing #
  • Dear person at the atm. For real, more than 5 transactions is too many. Go inside. #thingstodo #
  • Thinking about sending my laundry out to get done from now on, I never make time to do it. NE Austin pickup and drop anyone know anyone? #
  • getting things set at the house while I wait for traffic to die down #
  • Ah, i have arrived in san francisco! #
  • Hey guy at the bart station. You suck. #
  • Oh sigh. I forgot that i dislike traveling #
  • Spotted, h&m, lush and a chocolatier on way to hotel. Hooray! #
  • Grabbing lunch at crepe o chocolat #
  • Omg delicious procuitto sandwhich with gruyere!!!!! #
  • Omg amazing ginger tea w brown sugar! #
  • Who has 2 thumbs and no sense of direction? #
  • For the record. I hate name tags. #
  • NIce talking to my @BerkleeAlumni buds last night. Lots of cool stuff going on over there. 🙂 #
  • Hanging out #aes with @wkproducer pre exhibit opening. #
  • At limon peruvian for fooood #
  • RT @analogmad:Shadow Hills #Oculus Monitor Control @ #AES Damn that's some sexy shit!!! SH has the best designs. #
  • Dear feet, i apologize. Love, me #

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