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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-14

  • There is a star or planet i see from the roof deck that i wish i had a phone app to identify. #
  • just found out that we FALL BACK tonight. #aes #daylightsavingstime. #
  • Lost my pilot g2 pro pen!! Waaaaaaaaah! #
  • Had breakfast with @wkproducer and JCF Audio's Josh Florian. Closed with a victory dinner with the boss at Boulevard. #
  • back to the hotel after cocoa w/ @mapache #
  • And now, the airport. #swa #
  • Boarding my @southwestair flight home. #
  • Frying pan. Fire. Yup, back at the office. #
  • cat. Check. Canary. Check. hee hee hee #
  • RT @slowrunnermusic: we're lucky finalists in this contest, and are summoned to nyc to be judged: #
  • the fact that @simonpegg says 'emeffing' like I do, makes me happy. Hopefully one day @nickjfrost , simon and I can meet for a pint. #
  • overwhelming urge for a cupcake today, no cupcakes around. *sigh* #
  • also, I heart @questlove #
  • Dear gmail, please don't say I have 2 unread messages and then only let me see 1. Where is my other message. #needaseeallunreadbutton #
  • Almost time for @hoopcircle class hooray!! #
  • My body hurts from the @HOOPCiRCLE arm hooping, neck hooping, shoulder crosses, reverse warrior ow, ow, ow. #
  • Dear Lie to me : season 2, @netflix @RokuPlayer I love you but I have to sleep at some point. For reals. #ondemandstreaming #
  • And then something amazing happens and you don't understand anything anymore, but its ok. #
  • Many congratulations to my dear friends @jberthume & @tenthday on the birth of their daughter Harper! So happy for them! #
  • Seriously laundry someone needs to come take it away and wash it. #
  • Laundry is a no go. I'm pretty sure that I have to hit the grocery store in order to get anything done. #
  • work computer acting a fool this morning. no creamer for my coffee. *grumble**Grumble* #
  • I waited to long to get my house ready for guests. *sigh* #vacuum #
  • Trying to get the canadians but there is soooo much traffic #
  • For reals Fedex international shipping. Please quit it with the drop down 'Chat help' I'm trying to do this document biznessh ish. #
  • also, new firefox,=buggy #
  • Dear HP Deskjet 1200C we have been together for about a decade and I don't love you any less. I remember when I carried you 8 blocks home. #
  • mt bonnell, Thundercloud, eastside art, mom's house and then salt lick with @ATXFoodnews. Full day. #

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