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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-28

  • I need a coffee grinder. STAT. #
  • 6pm. I just realized that I haven't left the house today. #
  • its official, the black eyed peas have too much power. #AMAs #
  • Anyone want to guess how big Pink's baby bump is by now? #
  • Mandy Moore is a GIANT. Also If I can look half as good as Sheryl Crow one day…please? its not even fair. #
  • I once dated a guy in college in part because he had a cute butt like Bon Jovi. #
  • I am really glad these model/dancers are getting paid, but SERIOUSLY OLD NAVY. #
  • Snoop is in a Pepsi max commercial wtf #
  • II want Pink to perform at the Grammys when she is like hella preggers. #
  • Is it me or is every male pop singer trying to be some version of Michael Jackson? #
  • I don't want to be wrong about this but Xtina got the preggers boobs on tonight… #waitfortheannouncement #
  • I heart Muse. #
  • can't do it. Turned off train. #
  • Old navy paid too much money. #
  • I think they should have played the (red) commercial more than the Old Navy commercial. #
  • After being told for 1 month the only way to get the info I wanted was by postal mail, I got an email with said info in it this afternoon. #
  • Does anyone use Travelzoo for flight deals? #
  • forgot that I had Halloween 5 from @netflix , ridiculous. RIDICULOUS! #
  • Rule no 1: if a strange man washes up into your hovel, do not nurse him back to health. #
  • Rule 2: If the dog barks a lot, there is a murderer in your house. #
  • Rule 3: if your jerk bf is being even quieter than usual. He's probably the serial killer in disguise. #
  • Rule 4: Doing it in a barn on the night there is usually a crazy killer on the loose, probably a bad idea. #
  • Rule 5: you should always run and if you try to reason with him, he's going to stab you. #
  • I love that the best movie monster move so slowly. #
  • Does anyone have a spare coffee grinder around? #
  • Thinking about selling my Jack LaLanne Juicer. Any takers? #
  • RT @grouponaustin:we're extending the @Nordstrom_Rack Groupon thru tmrw! #
  • lunch with @bethburnsenson at Mother's was divine. FAME! #
  • RT @amandapalmer: NYC! need pro make-up artist for vid shoot /Dec.-paying gig! no amateurs, resume essentail! email: #
  • RT @ATXFlowerMarket: Just helped @ATXFoodnews pick some beautiful blooms for her bouquet. All at wholesale prices! Sweet. #
  • I am developing an addiction to ghirardelli Hot Chocolate. #chocolate #
  • I was so very close to my 5 oclock drink and now I am very very very far away. #
  • I just married mrs and mr @atxfoodnews. #
  • The Best Daily Deals in NYC Midtown: Seneca Falls Holiday: via @addthis #
  • headed out to the wedding reception. boom! #
  • You should visit Upstate NY. You should buy this voucher and enjoy some wine.. #
  • Beers and more beers with my bff amanda! #
  • Hey NY. Buy this. #
  • boom! signed up! RT @misslaurahere: HOOPCIRCLE 3 WEEK BEGiNNZ & iNTERMEDZ SERIES begins Tues Galaxy Dance #
  • dear mac power cable, you were expensive, please stop this foolish not charging the computer crap. love, me #quitplayin #

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