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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-12-05

  • This is a test. #
  • #youknowwhoissexy , Harrison Ford. So sexy. #
  • #youknowwhoissexy Bruce Willis. Mmm. #
  • escape to the east coooast #
  • you know what I love? technology. Technology is the best. #
  • Dear sweet goodness #getoffmylawn and shut up. #
  • Do I have anyone in Torrance CA? Need help on a quick errand. #
  • Seriously there is no one I know near Torrance that wants to turn a buck? #
  • I was about to get all upset about how California is not calling me back #
  • Yea its a little early in California. #
  • I'm a say it again. I love technology. Me and technology are getting married and having little technology babies. #
  • it is official, this wound on my hand WILL NOT HEAL #stigmata #
  • Rule: when going to the store, one should bring ones wallet. #
  • Got my pilot G2 Pro rebate in the mail today. It reminded me that I lost that pen in San Fran. Went and got another one #G2 #
  • I work for a company called Shadow HIlls Industries. I tweet for them here: @shadowhills #
  • I also work with a fancy lady named @bethburnsenson at @thehiddenroom theatre company. You should follow them too. #
  • I went to college with @cantstopwinning if you are following him you should stop –you should follow his wife @KTabilin #
  • SOMEBODY GET @robquig a TAKE 5 bar! STAT!! #
  • HOoray! RT @CMJ519: I've only used it once to juice 4 carrots a lemon and an apple but I think I'm in love with my juicer! #
  • taking 15 minutes to clear my desk so I can begin collate-madness. #
  • I don't know who created the avery templates in word, but I hate them. #
  • At @hoopcircle hoop class!!! #
  • Such a great @hoopcircle class! I am feeling it now though, wiped out! #
  • NO really, making labels through word really sucks. #
  • Dear BOA, when a person takes the time to form a professional relationship that is successful DO NOT mess with it. Thank you. #
  • RT @ATXFoodnews: Feels good when a labor of luv's complimented. So many gr8 nominee's! , ATX #AustinBloggerAwards #
  • customer service rep HUNG UP on me. #
  • trying to add data plan for my iphone, says it is not compatible with current feature… voicemail. Is that right? #
  • Maple.Bacon. Doughnut. RT @statesman: Diabetes cases in Texas are projected to rise 259% by 2040: #
  • Helllooo helllooo helloooo (echo echo echo_ #
  • ATT #iphone users, do you have to drop regular voice mail to add a data plan? #
  • RT @daveiam: Oh oh! Take heed food unamed airstream trailer is up on S Lamar near the old Urban Moto.. #
  • My car (Allie, not Allie's Sister) hit 128,000 miles yesterday. Doors didn't fly off. no smoke. We're good. Love my car. #
  • RT @socialkim: TX social network fans: please take a minute to vote for @ATXFoodNews and @Foodie Is the New Forty #
  • amg RT @omarg: Hoodie alert at Red: RT @AVClubAustin Sub Pop confirms Michael Cera is coming to @Scoot_Inn_ATX . #
  • Remember that expensive Mac power cable I got not even a year ago? Yea, already starting to flake. #grumpy #
  • my house smells like bread! #nom #
  • I hope all my chosen friends have not forgotten to pick up Hanukkah candles. Happy Hanukkah! #
  • Have to figure out how to fit this in on Thurs! RT @misslaurahere: HoopEscapeSweat today — NOON! Alisa's Dance Academy — $15 — Drop in! #
  • 10 pts Greg. RT @Rippedlikejesus: Are fans of Santa's called Jingleos? #
  • a touch of whimsy with my tea and toast. #
  • Hey FEDEX how do I get in touch with my account executive? #
  • omg RT @rwwmike: Get Ready to Drop Cable: Netflix Vies for In-Season TV Shows #
  • I heart @joshuajesty. #
  • Going to put the rice in the cooker and walk about a bit. laters! #
  • Just did a little hooping in my living room. Had to move the couch but it was totally worth it. #
  • nice piece! I heart Nilsson. RT @AustinChronicle: Gotta Get Up: Harry Nilsson, the Pussy Cat who roared #
  • Looks great!! RT @victoriavox: Patting myself on the back! #
  • My Bff is bringing me lunch today. She's rad. #
  • #ff This mess of Townies I love @jberthume @tenthday @CowShark @Whereismyrobot #
  • #ff this jerk and his rad wife @cantstopwinning @KTabilin #
  • #ff these people who remind me not to hoard: @WholeNine @clutterdiet #
  • #ff This magical Cheese wonderland @AntonellisCHZ #
  • yea, what she said December.. RT @MeanRachel: Hey, December calendar: Slow your roll. #
  • Two printers out of freakin ink. #
  • Dear Mozilla, seriously fix the Fedex/Firefox incompatibilities. Tired of the crashing, not being able to print all labels.. grumble grumble #
  • What he said. RT @technosailor: Anyone know of an iPhone twitter app that allows for scheduling tweets #
  • you know who is amazing, Christine Baranski is amazing. #
  • Dear ATT, Please find your customer service Rep, Rudy Dennis and give her a raise. Best ATT call I think I have ever had. ever. #
  • #ff @bethburnsenson and @thehiddenroom cause they are rad. #
  • all right @daveiam , @MeanRachel settle down. settle down. #
  • Anyone want to buy a Casio keyboard? #
  • You know who I like, Amy Irving. I'd like to see more Amy Irving. Get on it TV and movies, get on it. #
  • RT @Missychel: Check us out at the #austinsportsexpo today. Its FREE #
  • selling stuff on Craigslist. Shala la la shala la #
  • WANT #star wars #

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