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Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight

They say that a journey of a million miles begins with a single step. They say that admitting you have a problem is the first step. Well, thanks to them for creating something I can write about. I started this post last night, in bed, on my phone in a moment of bravery.

Stolen bravery at that. I figure, if my friend Justin can post what he weighs and how he is going to deal with it so can I. If the Flyingfatguy can do it why can’t I?

So. Here goes.

I weigh 271 pounds.

I’m tall, but even at 5’11” its too much. The best and worst part? I’ve lost 25lbs. That’s right do the math. I was a couple ham sandwiches away from 300. At that point I was not getting on the scale so there may have been a day in June when I did hit 300.


Why tell you?

Well, it kinda affects you. When I am fat I don’t want to go out and play shows. I want to play shows but only if I don’t have to be seen by actual people. I get moderately agoraphobic. Fatgoraphobic. I stay in.

What am I doing while I am in? Now? Working out. Eating better. Sleeping somewhat peacefully. Getting to the root of my problem with food. You know, stuff. When I started making little changes a few months ago I decided that 2011 could and would be a year when I didn’t repeat my mistakes. This year is for making bigger better different mistakes. Once of which might be posting this blog on the internet! We’ll see.

I’ll work on keeping it interesting.

2 comments to Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight

  • Joanna

    Good post. I’ve been working on my weight for a couple of years now and have found a very helpful iPhone app: Lose It! I’d hit a sort of plateau when I found the app about 6 months ago and it made a world of difference and helped me keep going. I weigh less now than I have in at least 15 years.

    The app has an associated web site that I have not looked into.

    And, my aunt swears by SparkPeople. She uses the app and the web site.

  • Hey Joanna,
    I was using Lose it! for a while and I liked it a lot. Have also used SparkPeople. Right now I am using I have found that their app/website is a bit more intensive which is what I needed. Congrats on your success!

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