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Day One: Hey Look at That!

Somehow I have managed to make it hard to wake up before its far too late to get everything done. I figured it was something I was working through. A long term rebellion against a previous ridiculous wake up call. (I used to wake up at 4:30am to go to a place and do a thing that I’d rather not talk about right now) Of course I could wake up for super early flights, or forĀ  other people but on a day to day basis I drag through the muck of the morning. I am breaking that habit. Today is day one of the Master Cleanser. Now I have done it before so its nothing new, I used to do it like once a quarter but I got off schedule and have been mired in a candyrage since I lost my friend. (something I am sure I will discuss, but also not now.)

I sometimes make my own cleanse juice and sometimes buy them at the Daily Juice here in Austin. I highly recommend the Jack LaLane Juicer (though it is hard sometimes to keep up with the immediate cleaning of it when all you want to do is enjoy delicious juice.) I got my juicer while doing a side job for a nice couple back in the day. They said they juiced for a good two weeks and then lost interest. I think fresh juice is the bomb.

So yea, I’m doing this juice fast for 14 days or so. Clear out all the gunk I’ve been eating during tech week. For those that don’t know. I’m a stage manager for the Hidden Room. We just opened Taming of the Shrew–Original Practice this past weekend. Good response from the audience, by Sunday it was feeling really good back stage. Looking forward to doing it again next weekend.

Well now this post is extra linky. As you could probably tell, I’ve signed up for Amazon Associates (DISCLOSURE). I just wanted an easy way to show you stuff that I have or that I like. I sell my music on Amazon and also CDbaby and a host of other places so, Amazon and I, we’re cool.

2 comments to Day One: Hey Look at That!

  • traci-ann

    good for you! let me know how the cleanse goes. i should try it but i don’t know if i have the discipline. also great to hear taming is going over well =)

  • The first time I did the cleanse it was hard. And time consuming. Once I got past day three though I was consumed by the fear of eating because I read on the internet about the terrible digestion difficulties after not having eaten solids for three days and quitting the cleanse.

    Taming is getting great reviews for which I am grateful, these guys put in a lot of work!

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