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About Me

Stephanie Delk’s career began early, with impromptu concerts offered in the shower during childhood. Not far from there, it was a journey to the east coast and a Bachelor of Music degree earned at the esteemed Berklee College of Music. There, she picked up a guitar and traveled the range of styles from jazz to country until she found the voice you’ll hear pouring from her onstage today in folk/rock waves of intelligence and heartbreak.

With influences found in Patty Griffin, Jonatha Brooke and other strong, lyrically intense and harmonically simple artists, her songwriting and full bodied voice have grown into a style all her own. Delk has appeared on numerous recordings as both lead and background vocalist, has toured with cover bands and pop stars, and currently spends her time in the studio and touring Austin, Texas, which she now calls home.

In 2008, Delk released, “Burning Bright” a 5 track EP of her original works that paints a portrait of the artist evolving. From the relentlessly catchy opening track “Stay” to the bittersweet singsong of “Peter Pan” Delk’s lyricism and sense of melody has developed into a tap-your-toes, hum-along engine. The EP leaves listeners on the sweet and simple note of “Coffee and Conversation,” where Delk sings, “I may be seeing you for the first and the last time.” Meeting Delk through the sonically stellar and lyrically poignant “Burning Bright” for the first time, you’ll be thrilled – and it definitely won’t be your last.