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101 in 1001

So I decided to start a kind of to do list for myself. Stuff I’m dedicated to working on. I got the idea from The Neener, whom is a friend of a friend, but whom I don’t believe that I have met.

SO, things will be put in BOLD as they are completed, italics mean they are in progress and links will pop up here and there.

Timeline: 1001 days from March 21, 2011 Timeline ENDS– Monday December 16, 2013


1. Drop 86 pounds and get back to fighting weight

2. Finish P90x, all 90 days, at least past day 43 (90/90)

3. Go Dancing

4. Run with a partner on The Town Lake trail

5. Take the trapeze class

6. Take the Burlesque class


7. Learn to hoop with two hoops

8. Learn to do aerial hooping

9. Get better at outflow hooping

10. Get a smaller hoop

11. Improve at foot hooping>


12. Forgive and move forward emotionally

13. Get rid of all of my allergies

14. Slow Motion. Entrance.

15. Journal 1x a week for a month (1/4)

16. Take better care of my skin

17. Manage to keep my toes looking good from April through August (0/5)

18. Have a signature look/style

19. Purple streaks back in my hair.

20. Get all of my prepaid massages and deal with the account

21. Get an amazing tattoo

23. Wear a bikini to the beach. (Bikini should be a bold color, belly button must be seen, bottoms must not be a giant skirt.

24. Take a bubble bath in a sunken tub.


25. Find and drink Balvenie 25

26. Find the closest place to buy V-12 and drive there on a missionssion to retrieve a case.

27. Go enjoy a meal with a friend at a 4 star restaurant

28. Go to see 3 independent films (0/3)

29. Get and use a GoLocal card


30. Get a pet goldfish and name him Reggie

31. Ride a horse on the beach

32. Ride an elephant


33. pay off 3 credit cards (3/3)

34. Save $100 cash dollars a month for downpayment

35. Buy a home in Austin

36. Save for the retirement


37. Win @ Nanowrimo

38. Get published in a webzine

39. Act in a play or musical

40. Take an expenses paid trip

41. Co write songs with 3 different People (0/3)

42. Get songs played on the radio

43. Do a video

44. Meet Weird Al Yankovic again

45. Meet Patty Griffin

46. Play songs live on the radio

47. Get a showcase spot at conferette 35

48. Fund and record a full length album

49. Have professional recording of the musical.

50. Finish the musical

51. Play an out of state gig

52. Blog at least 2x a month

53. Mailing list 2x a month

54. Steady gig 1x monthly

55. Be on local tv for something non crime related


56. Take a train to Provence

57. Go to Vegas and have a good time

58. Go to SXSWifm and see everything

59. Go to Virginia and watch a horror movie with Justin and Kim

60. Go to a sox game at Fenway


61. Buy new towels

62. Find the remaining set of Libbey champagne stemware

63. Own a fully stocked bar

64. Own a kitchenaid mixer

65. Own a pair of over the knee boots

66. Buy new Bedding

67. Buy a waffle maker and make Belgian waffles to go with the V-12


68. Favorite upscale restaurant

69. Favorite kind of food

70. Favorite homecooked meal

71. Favorite time of day

72. Favorite south Austin Restaurant

73. Favorite Movie

74. Favorite kind of sandwich

75. Favorite ride at the state fair

76. Favorite poem

77. Favorite author

78. Favorite Musical

79. Favorite place to be in Austin

80. Favorite Place to be in New York

81. Favorite place to be in Boston

82. Favorite Restaurant meal

83. Favorite Drink

84. Favorite beer, local

85. Favorite place to drink

86. Favorite kind of shoes, non athletic

87. Favorite fruit

88. Favorite piece of art, sculpture, painting

89. Favorite book


90. Paint the Vanity table I bought last year

91. Get a bench for aforementioned vanity

92. Fix the bike and ride it 1x a week for 2 months (0/8)

93. Organize a hoop event

94. Design and make a t shirt/tote bag


95. Pick out my dream/trophy car

96. Hire a driver for more than one day

97. Test drive potential new cars

98. Drive a race track

100. Get picked up at the airport by a towncar/driver with a sign that has my name on it.

101. Get the lights in my dashboard fixed.